Are there cheaters just after the server started? PC players are not to blame this time

BY Chaos_Conditions



Recently, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III" started a pre-emptive test, and some players reported that they encountered other players who were suspected of cheating in the game. According to the video uploaded by the player, he was shot through the wall by the cheater and was killed in the air.


According to past situations, there is a high probability that some netizens will say "it must be cross-platform cheating by PC players", but this time some netizens said "maybe it was done on the cracked PS4". The reason is very simple. This test is limited to the PlayStation platform. PC players cannot join, and cheating on PlayStation is very difficult, so some players suspect that it is a "cracked PS4". But this speculation was quickly denied, because currently the only ones that can be cracked are PS4s with firmware version 9.0 and below. This version of the firmware cannot run "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III" at all, and the cracked PS4 cannot play online game.


Therefore, some players speculate that the cheater may have used a PS4 development machine, so he was able to cheat in online games. But considering the extremely high value of the PS4 development machine, it’s not worth it to buy such a machine just to cheat.